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Welcome to K Sports Cars the home of the AMX Astonish Kit.  This is a re-body kit which will totally transform the Mark 1 Mazda MX5. 


The AMX Astonish kit was designed in Australia and is now manufactured under license here in the UK. It can easily be assembled between 1 and 2 weekends by either the home enthusiast or professional mechanic. The kit totally transforms and updates this classic roadster and builds upon its existing qualities. 


The original panels are removed and replaced with the kit which comes complete with all fixings, grilles and lights.  It makes use of the existing panel fixing points for ease of build and is re-clothed with quality handmade GRP panels.


The Mazda MX5 is the best selling sports car of all time, which with low weight, rear wheel drive and precise handling makes for a very rewarding drive. The car itself is if anything a little over engineered and is capable of much greater horsepower.  Some enthusiasts have even fitted Rover or Mustang V8 engines for serious horsepower!  Superchargers and turbo chargers can also be fitted.


 The AMX Astonish kit is currently available as a DIY kit delivered to your door. A full build service is available for those who do not have the time or inclination to build their own car.


Browse through the site using the tabs on the left of this page and feel free to contact us with any questions by email or use the number above. A build manual is available in either printed or electronic format.  The cost is £12.50 for a printed manual or £7.50 for an electronic version.  This cost is refundable against your order.

Our demonstrator is still under construction and we can send photos of the current state of build should you wish.


Key Facts:


  • The AMX Astonish kit is not subject to IVA (previously known as SVA)
  • The kit is based on a Mark 1 Mazda MX5 NA Series (pop up headlights) which is widely available
  • Original panels can be removed and new parts can typically be fitted between 1 & 2 weekends (prior to painting) by a competent builder
  • No welding or cutting required; bond and bolt kit fit only
  • Existing hard and soft top can still be utilised without any modification
  • Front engine and rear wheel drive with near 50:50 weight distribution for improved handling
  • Japanese reliability and strong build construction
  • All impact bars and crumple zones remain intact so structurally, it is as good as the original car
  • Original and award winning design is unique




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